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Why to choose SuperHome

Buying or renting real estate is an important decision for all of us.

When buying or renting a property, SUPERHOME is the right solution for you to choose the right home for you.

Here are some good reasons to choose us:

  • Friendly employees: You will find this with us – friendly and smiling young people who will welcome you as a good friend. Our consultants will do their best to make you happy with your deal.
  • Understandin: Our employees are able to listen and understand you. Just tell us everything and we will offer you the best in your specific case. You can count on us!
  • Responsiveness: Fast reaction. When you work with SUPERHOME, you have your own broker at your disposal, who will try to get the result for you beyond what you expected.
  • We save your time. We know you’re a busy person. Give us the task, and we promise to accomplish it without unnecessary questions and meetings.
  • Meeting with the Manager? Of course! Each of our customers is able to contact the Manager at any time, if you think he can best help you, just request an appointment. He will be glad to welcome you.

Meeting with the Manager of the company Ventseslav Traykov? Of course……

…and more:

  • Knowledge of the market: Our experts closely monitor the market for quality real estate, as well as the overall development of the Real Estate sector in Bulgaria. That is why you can expect an adequate consultation and objective opinion, whether you are buying or selling. Just ask us!
  • Best price. Buying: a luxury property involves paying a small price. We appreciate your efforts and know how important it is for you to invest wisely. It is the prime responsibility of your broker-consultant to negotiate the best possible price for your purchase.
  • Legal protection: Real estate deals are a serious endeavor. As our client you will enjoy the free services of our experienced lawyer, who will perform the necessary checks, prepare all the documents and contracts and attend with you to the transaction confession and the payment of the price with SUPERHOME.

Your transaction is fully protected legally.

Become a Special Client: Once you have a SUPERHOME deal, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of the terms we offer for our “Special Clients”, which will provide you with a number of benefits and discounts on any subsequent purchases, sales or rentals with our agency.

Trust us! Give us a chance to work for you!

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